Pace Design Engineering Company Limited (PDE), Established in 1994, the office is 36/115 Motorway Road Ladkrabang Bangkok 10520. PDE businesses are the electrical systems i.e. Motor control systems, Power electronics, Electrical distribution of high and low voltage engineering installation and services

APC Service Provider-Thailand

Schneider Electric Service Partner

PACE-DESIGN Engineering


We provided our clients with UPS product , service and warranty


     In 1999, PDE is authorized by American power conversion corporation (APC) and Schneider electric (France) as a partnership. PDE is an APC service provider in Thailand. The function is servicing for UPS installation, maintenance, repair and selling.


     As PDE keeps our intent to improve our service quality, so today PDE is the expert for APC UPS in Thailand.


Pouring heart in services, make the customers comfortable and the UPS will be extended its life. Consequently PDE gets the trust to service from customer more than 500 companies in Thailand.


     At the present time, All PDE teams are operates with 50 employees and more than 30 persons in the field of APC UPS services.


36/115 Motorway Road Ladkrabang Bangkok 10520


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